Chattle Mortgage

Get the best loan to suit your business

Looking to finance your next business vehicle?

A chattel mortgage may be just what you need!

This type of secured loan is perfect for tradies and other small business owners who need to purchase a vehicle for predominant business use. So if you need a new ute or van, a chattel mortgage could be the answer.

Similar to a secured car loan. You will borrow the funds for the purchase of the asset and repay the loan over an agreed term through a series of monthly repayments. Although you’ll own the vehicle outright, The asset will be held as security against the loan until you’ve paid the loan out in full. Once you have paid the loan in full the mortgage over the vehicle is removed.

Residual or balloon options are available which can reduce your monthly payments over the term. You can then choose to refinance the residual or trade the vehicle in at the end of the term. 
  • Flexible loan terms between 1 and 7 years

  • Highly competitive fixed interest rates and monthly repayments options available from multiple lenders.

  • Residual / Balloon options available to reduce repayments

  • Potential to claim tax deductions when you are GST registered and the vehicle is used for predominant business use

  • Low Doc loans available for applicable applicants